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Family Recipe: Potato Salad

Whenever I think of picnics, I think of Mom’s potato salad. I love, love, love it. I’ve tried other potato salads, but I don’t really like them. My children have followed in my footsteps and love this potato salad best, too.

It’s best cold, so it takes a little planning ahead to boil the potatoes and eggs, assemble the salad, and leave it in the fridge to cool. It’s worth it, though. In my opinion, a picnic just isn’t quite right without potato salad.


Christmas is over, and I am tired.

I love Christmas, but there is always so much going on at once and so much pressure—probably mostly self-inflicted.

I’d like to take a little break. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to freeze time. That makes this a little more difficult.

How do you rest without coming back to even more work to do?

Some ways to find rest on a busy schedule:

  • Ask for help or just some company along the way. Prayer counts too. Feeling less alone makes things seem less crazy.
  • Sing a hymn or a song that makes you smile. You may feel silly, but it does help.
  • Do less. Even just a little less. Give yourself that permission.
  • Breathe. Listen to your breath. Let your worries wait for a minute or two. Breathe them away.
  • Take a short nap (set an alarm). *This does not work for me, but it does for others.
  • Sketch something. I like to sketch how I’m feeling as monsters—it gives a silly face to my problems.
  • Look for what’s funny. Think of one funny thing that happened today. Imagine telling someone about it—exaggerate it a little. Use silly voices. Write it down.
  • Look for hope. How will tomorrow be better? Next week? What awesome things are you looking forward to this evening? This weekend?

→ Things will get better. Somehow, they always do. Wait for it. ❤️

Do you have any ideas to add to my list? Please let me know!

Holiday Planning

The holidays are nearly here. Are you ready?

Me either.

…But, don’t worry, I have a PLAN.

Who do I need to talk to to get a few extra days before Christmas?

My Guide to Last-Minute Holiday Planning: 🎄

Prioritize: Write down what you most want to do. Can you leave anything out? Write out the steps. Can you skip any? For example, presents under a poinsettia instead of a decorated tree or only sending a few Christmas cards. 🎁

Lists: Group tasks by location–phone, computer, outside errands, etc. Schedule them into your week. 📱

Ask for help: Invite friends and family to join you in you holiday activities. You’ll get more done and have more fun!

Never again: Resolve to plan ahead next year so that the holidays are less overwhelming. 🌞

Mini Holidays

“Happy Friday,” I tell my kids as they leave for school on Fridays. “Have fun. I love you.”

A few weeks ago, we had tacos for dinner on a Sunday. “It’s Taco Tuesday on a Sunday,” I said. The kids rolled their eyes.

We celebrate Pi Day and Star Wars Day and Banana Split Day and three day weekends (“It’s Friday on a Thursday,” I say. “No it’s not,” they reply. “It’s Thursday on a Thursday.”)

Sometimes it’s good to have something to celebrate, even if that means eating tacos for dinner or wishing each other a Happy Friday. Big holidays are far apart, and they take so much work and planning and expense. While I try to carry the spirit of Christmas in my heart year-round, I don’t think I want a Christmas celebration every day.

Today is a holiday for my family. It’s a little bigger than a mini holiday, but smaller than Christmas. This is Conference Weekend. Twice a year, the prophet and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints broadcast messages of guidance and hope centered in Christ.

A sketch from a picture of President Russell M. Nelson

We sit and watch for hours and hours, like a movie marathon. We sing songs and eat snacks and feel inspired and uplifted. It’s one of my favorite holidays. Little expense or preparation or clean-up, lots of joy.

“It’s Conference Weekend!” I’ve said over and over. It feels like Happy Friday, but better. I love little holidays. Simple pleasures.

Does your family celebrate any mini holidays? How do you celebrate? What other simple pleasures do you enjoy?