Mini Holidays

“Happy Friday,” I tell my kids as they leave for school on Fridays. “Have fun. I love you.”

A few weeks ago, we had tacos for dinner on a Sunday. “It’s Taco Tuesday on a Sunday,” I said. The kids rolled their eyes.

We celebrate Pi Day and Star Wars Day and Banana Split Day and three day weekends (“It’s Friday on a Thursday,” I say. “No it’s not,” they reply. “It’s Thursday on a Thursday.”)

Sometimes it’s good to have something to celebrate, even if that means eating tacos for dinner or wishing each other a Happy Friday. Big holidays are far apart, and they take so much work and planning and expense. While I try to carry the spirit of Christmas in my heart year-round, I don’t think I want a Christmas celebration every day.

Today is a holiday for my family. It’s a little bigger than a mini holiday, but smaller than Christmas. This is Conference Weekend. Twice a year, the prophet and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints broadcast messages of guidance and hope centered in Christ.

A sketch from a picture of President Russell M. Nelson

We sit and watch for hours and hours, like a movie marathon. We sing songs and eat snacks and feel inspired and uplifted. It’s one of my favorite holidays. Little expense or preparation or clean-up, lots of joy.

“It’s Conference Weekend!” I’ve said over and over. It feels like Happy Friday, but better. I love little holidays. Simple pleasures.

Does your family celebrate any mini holidays? How do you celebrate? What other simple pleasures do you enjoy?