Holiday Planning

The holidays are nearly here. Are you ready?

Me either.

…But, don’t worry, I have a PLAN.

Who do I need to talk to to get a few extra days before Christmas?

My Guide to Last-Minute Holiday Planning: πŸŽ„

βž€ Prioritize: Write down what you most want to do. Can you leave anything out? Write out the steps. Can you skip any? For example, presents under a poinsettia instead of a decorated tree or only sending a few Christmas cards. 🎁

➁ Lists: Group tasks by location–phone, computer, outside errands, etc. Schedule them into your week. πŸ“±

βž‚ Ask for help: Invite friends and family to join you in you holiday activities. You’ll get more done and have more fun!

βžƒ Never again: Resolve to plan ahead next year so that the holidays are less overwhelming. 🌞