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Slogging through the Middle

It’s the middle part of the project that often seems the hardest.

Here are some ideas for getting through to the end.

Beginnings are fun–a new idea that seems so perfect in your mind & you can’t wait to see it on the page. Endings are great–there’s such a sense of accomplishment! But the middle? Well, there’s almost always a point where it looks like it’s not going to work and everything is just terrible.

However, it’s worth finishing!!


Remember that there are still things to learn from this project that you can only learn by finishing.

Use it as an experiment to see if it can be saved–brainstorm and try something new.

Tell yourself that you can polish it later, for now you just need something on the page to work with.

Give yourself a deadline and race to meet it without worrying about how things look–for now.

Any other ideas?

Flashback Video: To the Moon

This story was originally posted on February 28, 2018. I love writing silly tall tales! It’s fun to imagine they’re true for a moment, even if it’s obvious that they aren’t. If you search my website for the phrase “grandpa story,” you’ll find several more. Please let me know what you think!

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