Winter Square and the Sleeping Giants

One day, when Winter Square arrived at work, there was a message from his former clients the seven very tall brothers. “Winter Square, we have been receiving threats from our friend Mr. Gray’s evil step-daughter. What would you advise?”

Winter Square was concerned. What type of threats? This could be a dangerous situation. He tried to return their call, but no one answered. He called his assistant and asked for their file. Just as he’d remembered, there was a business card inside from their jewelry design business.

A clerk answered and said that the brothers hadn’t shown up at work and they had already missed an important appointment. Winter Square called the police and offered to meet them at the brothers’ apartment.

Winter Square stood back and let the police go first. However, once the first officer opened the door, he slumped over. The other officer automatically leaned forward to catch his partner and instead followed him down.

Winter froze. The officers were still breathing. There was obviously some kind of gas inside the building. Reluctantly, Winter stepped back. The officers were all right for now, but he needed to get help. He called emergency services.

Soon the apartment building was surrounded with police cars and ambulances and crime scene tape. Firefighters in gas masks carried the residents to the ambulances where they were rushed to the nearest hospital. Winter reported the mornings’ events to several different police officers.

While speaking to yet another officer, Winter saw the brothers and Mr. Gray being carried out of the building. Winter pointed out his clients to the officer and asked how soon he could contact them. The officer said that it would probably be several days before an antidote was found for the mysterious sleeping gas.

When Winter Square returned to his office, the brothers’ file was still on his desk. He picked it up and leafed through it. In the rental agreement the brothers had signed with Mr. Gray, Mr. Gray had included his home address and phone number.

Following a hunch, Winter called the number. “Regina speaking, who is this?” a voice said.

“Hello, this is Winter Square, attorney,” Winter said. “Earlier this summer, I wrote up a rental contract for your husband.”

“Ah yes, he did say that he was renting a room from some friends. Is there a problem?” Regina said.

“I received a message when I arrived at work this morning that said your husband had received a threat from your daughter,” Winter said.

“Hmmm,” Regina said. “What kind of threat?”

“I don’t know,” Winter said. “He didn’t answer the phone. When I went to check on him, I found that his entire apartment building had mysteriously fallen asleep. The building is now a crime scene and your husband and the other residents are at St. Michael’s Hospital.”

“Mr. Square, was it?” Regina asked.

“Yes,” Winter said.

“I believe I know what the problem is. I will contact the police immediately. Thank you for bringing this to my attention,” Regina said.   Then she hung up.

Winter Square had an appointment that afternoon, so he put the current mystery on hold in order to review his files and prepare.   Later, he met with a police officer to officially record a statement of his version of the events that morning. He didn’t hear anything more about the seven very tall brothers and Mr. Gray for three days.

On the third day, the oldest brother, Red called him from the hospital.   “Mr. Square,” he said. “I heard that it was you who called the police and saved us. Mr. Gray’s wife brought the antidote, so we’re all recovering more quickly than we would have without your help, too.”

“I’m happy to hear that you’re all doing better,” Winter said.

“Luckily we’ll be able to go home tomorrow. Can you believe it? Mr. Gray’s evil stepdaughter put chemicals that she stole from her mother’s lab into our air conditioner. I hope that she goes to jail for a long time.”

“I imagine that she will be punished for putting so many lives at risk,” Winter said.

“She’d better be,” Red said. “I thought Mr. Gray was exaggerating, but she really was evil. Now that she’s locked up and Mr. Gray’s wife has come and woken everyone up, Mr. Gray can go back home with her and live happily ever after.”

“That’s wonderful,” Winter said. “I’m so happy for you.   My assistant will send you my bill.”

“Of course,” Red said. And Winter Square lived happily ever after too.