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Counting Down

I have six weeks or so left until my website anniversary. I like to try new things each year, to help myself grow. This year, I added another day of comics,

watercolor illustrations to my stories,

these blog posts,

and for six months I tried putting together a simple graphic novel.

The following six months, I added the Friday flashback posts. Last year, I added comics, a watercolor, and a continuing story that lasted all year.

It’s an exciting time for me. I love feeling like so many possibilities are open. I have a lot of ideas for next year. There are so many things to learn and practice and explore!

I hope that my readers have liked what I’ve chosen to do so far. I am so grateful for everyone who has been kind enough to give me some feedback. Thank you so much!

While I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to try, I am willing to listen to suggestions. How can I improve? What should I keep doing? What do you not like as well? Is there anything you’d like to see that I’m not already doing?

What goals are you working on? How do you keep yourself accountable? Do you enjoy the planning and research leading up to goal setting?