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Flashback Video: Sir Cinders

This story was originally posted on September 12, 2018. I think the details of happily ever after are different for everybody. The trick is figuring out what it looks like for you. Don’t give up if it seems impossible for now. Help might be waiting just around the corner.

Flashback Video: Too Many Godmothers

This story was originally posted on November 8, 2017. I love fairy tales. I also love to tell them a little bit differently. It’s a lot of fun.

The illustration for this video contains a tribute to one of my favorite Richard Scarry characters. Who else is a Richard Scarry fan? Good memories. I hope you enjoy this video!

Hansel and Cinderella and the Witchy Stepmother

Little Hansel and Cinderella were having a terrible year. Their mother died and their father remarried. Their new stepmother doted on her interchangeable twins, but wasn’t ever very pleased with Hansel and Cinderella. And then, their father died while away on a trip.

Their stepmother sent Twin A and Twin B off to some magical boarding school. When Hansel and Cinderella asked if they could go to school, their stepmother gave them a list of chores to do instead.

The list was too long. Luckily, they were able to trick neighborhood children, passing strangers, and small animals into helping with the list. Each day it was a struggle to find new ways to complete the list.

“Would you like to try the latest workout? It’s called weeding the garden, and it’s going to be the next big thing.”

“I know you don’t like your mop booties, but you’re going to be running around the patio chasing squirrels anyway. Just leave them on, and I’ll throw a stick for you to chase later.”

“I suppose I could let you try painting the fence. It’s my favorite thing to do. If you wash the front window first, I’ll let you paint three feet of fence.”

Completing the list of chores each day, even with help, left little time for anything else. One evening, Hansel and Cinderella dared to ask about going to school again. The stepmother narrowed her eyes and ordered them out to the carriage.

She drove them to the middle of the woods and left them there. Hansel and Cinderella watched the carriage drive away in silence. “Do you think we could find our way back? Cinderella asked after it was gone.

“It’s worth a try. The carriage had to have marked a path, even where there wasn’t a road.”

But the ground was dry, and the night was windy, so the tracks of the carriage quickly blew away. The forest was full of many roads, and they were soon hopelessly lost. “Now what?” Hansel asked.

“Let’s sleep here and look around in the morning.”

In the morning, they found a promising path that led them to a candy house. When an angry woman stormed out, yelling and ordering them around, they knew they’d found their stepmother. She might look different and be living in a new house, but they weren’t fooled.

“It would have been nice of her to give us the address of her new house instead of making us look for it,” Cinderella muttered. Hansel snorted. Their stepmother stopped yelling, narrowed her eyes, and dragged Hansel into the house by his ear.

She locked Hansel up and gave Cinderella a familiar list of chores. Then she left to do whatever it was that she normally did. Build candy houses in the woods, apparently.

Cinderella picked the lock and freed Hansel. She showed him the list. He sighed. “And here there aren’t as many people to trick into helping out.”

“I don’t think she’s going to ever send us off to school,” Cinderella said sadly. “I wish we could go to school.”

Just then, an old lady appeared in the garden. “I’m your fairy godmother. Do you really wish to go to school?”

“Of course we do,” Cinderella said. “All we do around here are chores, and the list is much too long.”

“I can send you there, and spell you into a school uniform, but it’s up to you to figure out a way to stay. Oh, and the uniform will turn back into your regular clothes at midnight.”

Hansel and Cinderella looked at each other and nodded. “We can work with that,” Hansel said.

In no time, Hansel and Cinderella were scholarship students at a far away magical school. The school faculty were delighted with the bright young students who had so persuasively and charmingly argued their case. Their year had definitely improved. The children found a way to stay at school year-round, and eventually became successful politicians.

Meanwhile, the stepmother and the witch, who were not the same people, were never quite sure what happened. Twin A and Twin B didn’t remember Hansel and Cinderella at all. That was fine, because Hansel and Cinderella had forgotten all about them as well.

Sir Cinders

Ethan was born into a noble family with a lot of money and plenty of time on their hands. His older brother was all grown up and married and moved away before Ethan started school, and his parents weren’t very interested in returning to child-raising. They’d found ways to fill their time that didn’t include a noisy child. So, Ethan spent a lot of time at home alone, reading.

Unfortunately, Ethan’s mother passed away in a boating accident one day while he was away at school. Almost immediately, the widow who lived nearby began to invite Ethan’s father to come and hunt in the woods on her land.

Ethan’s father loved hunting. Ethan could see the writing on the wall. The widow would become his stepmother, and her two terrible sons that were Ethan’s age would be his new stepbrothers.

Fortunately, this didn’t happen. Unfortunately, this was because Ethan’s father died in a hunting accident not long after his mother’s death. And he died without leaving a will. Read More

A Beast and a Ball

Prince Ferdinand opened the next folder on the pile with a sigh. Some of this paperwork was ancient. Had his father ever done any paperwork? Had his grandfather? Prince Ferdinand snorted. Knowing the state of the nation’s finances before he took charge of the accounts, it wasn’t likely.

He started skimming through the papers. Wait, this was a missing person report. Wasn’t it a job for the sheriff? He read further. The baron and his household vanished a decade ago, but the lights were still on in his manor every night. No one from town was allowed inside. He’d managed all business with his tenants and the village through letters.

This could be interesting. The prince looked back down at the paperwork. Right. It was probably time for a break. He left on his fastest horse in the morning.

It was evening when he arrived. The manor did have its lights on. He knocked on the doors, but no one answered. “Open, by order of your prince,” he said in his most official voice.

The door creaked open. No one was there. He stepped inside and the door closed behind him. He heard footsteps coming down the hall. A tall man entered. He was hairy and horribly disfigured, but dressed neatly.

The prince smiled.  “Hello, I am Prince Ferdinand and I am hoping to meet with the baron. He hasn’t been seen in some time and the local villagers are worried.” Read More

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