Story Prompts

Are you sitting in front of a blank page, trying to decide what to write about?

Here are three fairy tale based story ideas that you can try:

  • Think of a fairy tale. Turn it inside out. What are the main points? What would the opposite be? If there’s a tower, turn it into a cellar. If there’s a forest, could it be a city instead? Could bears instead be children and children become bears? Which things you decide to change and what you change them into is up to you. Now think about how the changes you made will change the story. This can be surprising.
  • Take two fairy tales. Pick a character from each. What if they were the same character? Could the wicked witch also be the gingerbread boy? Which story came first? Or did they happen at the same time? How does that change the stories or your perspective of the stories?
  • Pick a fairy tale. Imagine it happening recently without any magic. Or with less magic. How could the basic plot translate to modern life and still be somewhat recognizable? What if rival kingdoms were rival grocery stores instead? What if it took place in the future?

Do you have any other story ideas to share? Have you ever had a hard time thinking of what to write? What do you do?