On Tour

“That was our best show yet,” the lead singer said. He flopped into a neon green chair with a grin. “We should order pizza.”

The guitar player snorted. “You tripped twice and forgot to sing one of the lines, Marcus.”

The percussionist smiled. “And how was my performance, Frank?”

“Acceptable,” the guitar player said. “Except when your were off-beat in the second verse of the third song.”

“Don’t listen to him, Artie,” the lead singer said.   “You were great.”

The percussionist rolled his eyes. “My name isn’t Artie, Marcus. It’s Arthur. And I asked him how I did because I wanted to know.”

“Well, the audience obviously loved it,” Marcus said. “They were on their feet after the last number. We should have done an encore.” He pointed a finger at Arthur and winked. “And call me Markie.”

Frank sighed. “They were standing up to leave, Markie. You can tell because they weren’t clapping anymore when they stood up.”

Marcus laughed. “You couldn’t have seen that from the stage. The lights are shining in our eyes. You can’t see anything.”

“But the house lights came on after the last number,” Arthur said. “So we could see the audience then. Frank is right. It didn’t look like a standing ovation at all.”

“But the girls were fanning themselves like they thought we were too awesome,” Marcus said.

“They were fanning themselves because the room was far too hot,” Frank said. “I think the air conditioner was broken.”

“Nonsense,” Marcus said. I think the temperature was perfect.”

Arthur laughed. “Marcus, you stand in front of that giant fan so that your coat will swirl around you when you dance. You were probably the only one not too hot.”

Marcus frowned and folded his arms. “Why are you guys picking on me? Why hasn’t anyone told Frankie what he did wrong?”

Arthur smiled. “He has a point. You frown too much.”

Frank raised an eyebrow. “I’ll work on that.”

Arthur laughed. “No you won’t.”

Frank sighed. “No I won’t.” Frank and Arthur laughed.

“We should order a pizza,” Arthur said.

“Good idea,” Frank said.

“Hey!” Marcus stood up. “That was my idea! I have all the good ideas around here. I don’t need you at all. Why did I let you in my band in the first place?”

“The band was my idea,” Arthur said. “And I sing half the vocals.”

“I write all the songs,” Frank said.

“But I’m the lead singer. Without me you wouldn’t have a band at all,” Marcus said.

“He has a point,” Frank said. “We should let him order the pizza.”

“Fine,” Arthur said. “Go order the pizza, Markie, and be sure to pick your favorites.”

“I’m going to order garlic bread too,” Marcus said.   “And root beer.”

“I think that sounds great,” Frank said.

“It really was a good concert,” Marcus said.   “Everyone liked it, right?”

“I don’t think you can please everyone,” Frank said.   “But I think we did okay. We’ll keep getting better.”

“We did okay,” Arthur said. “And tomorrow we’ll do the same thing somewhere else, but better.”

“I don’t really want to find new people for the band,” Marcus said. “You know that right? I think you guys are the best.”

“We know that,” Arthur said. “Go order the pizzas.”

“And garlic bread and root beer,” Marcus said, and he started looking for his phone.