Let Them Eat Cake

“Scott,” Mom said.   “Bring this piece of cake to Grandpa. Then come back, and you can have your piece.”

“Okay,” Scott said. “Where’s Grandpa?”

“I think he’s in the office,” Mom said.

Scott took the plate and a fork and a napkin, and he set out to find Grandpa. Unfortunately, Grandpa was not in the office. His little sister Mary was there, cutting printer paper into odd shapes.

“Mary, have you seen Grandpa?” he asked.

“Hey, is that cake?” Mary asked.

“Yes,” Scott said. “It’s for Grandpa.”

“He’s not here,” Mary said. “So, can I eat it?”

She reached for the plate and Scott stepped back and held it a little closer.   “No, go get your own,” he said.

“Fine,” Mary said. She threw the scissors on the floor and started to stomp out.

“Aren’t you going to clean up your mess?” Scott asked. But Mary ignored him.

Scott sighed and went to the living room. Grandma was there, reading. “Is that for me?” she asked. She reached out for the plate. Scott wasn’t sure what to do. It was Grandpa’s cake, but Grandma wanted cake, too.

He let Grandma take the piece of cake. “Here’s your fork and a napkin too,” he said.

“You’re such a good boy. Thank you,” Grandma said. “Tell your mother thank you too.”

“Okay,” Scott said. “Do you know where Grandpa is?” Scott asked.

“I think he’s in the garage,” Grandma said.

Scott went back to the kitchen. Mary was eating cake. She stuck her tongue out at Scott. Mom smiled.   “Thank you for taking Grandpa some cake,” she said.

“I gave it to Grandma. She didn’t have any yet. Can I have another one to take to Grandpa?” he asked.

“Of course,” Mom said. “Thank you, Scott.”

Scott took the plate and another fork and napkin. “Grandma said thank you,” Scott said. “And Mary left a mess in the office.”

Scott left quickly as Mary yelled and Mom sent her to clean up her mess before she took another bite. Scott smiled to himself and went to the garage. Grandpa wasn’t there, but Dad was there, gluing a chair leg back on.

“Hey Scott,” Dad said. “Is that for me?”

“Sure,” Scott said. “Here’s your fork and napkin too.”

“Thanks,” Dad said. “This looks great. Tell Mom thanks for me.”

“Okay,” Scott said. “Do you know where Grandpa is?”

“I think he’s out back in the garden,” Dad said.

So, Scott went back to the kitchen for another piece of cake and fork and napkin.   Grandpa was out back, pulling weeds out of the garden. “Grandpa, I finally found you,” Scott said. “Here’s your cake.”

“I can’t take that now,” Grandpa said. “My hands are all covered in dirt.”

“But I can’t have a piece of cake until I give you your cake,” Scott said. “And I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Okay,” Grandpa said. “Let me get to the end of this row, and I’ll go in and wash my hands and maybe change my shirt.”

“Will that take a long time?” Scott asked.

“Of course not,” Grandpa said. But it did.

“Are you done yet?” Scott asked.

“Still weeding,” Grandpa said.

“Are you done now?” Scott asked.

“Now I need to go wash my hands,” Grandpa said.

“Now can you take your cake?” Scott asked.

“I’ll be out in a moment,” Grandpa said.

“Do you want your cake now?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Grandpa said. “Thank you for waiting.”

“Yay!” Scott said. “You’re welcome.”

Scott raced to the kitchen. “I gave Grandpa his cake,” he said.

Mary laughed. “I ate my cake a long time ago,” she said. Scott ignored her.

“Thank you, Scott,” Mom said. “I saved a big piece for you.” And it was the best piece of cake ever.