Favorite Things

“Grandma!” Martin said.  “Are you here to play with me?”

“Yes,” Grandma said.  “Your mom and dad are going to watch a movie, so we have all evening to spend together.”

“Yay!” Martin said.

Mom and Dad came in to the living room, all dressed up to go out.  Mom gave him a hug.  “You be good for Grandma,” she said.

“We got you pizza for dinner, it’s on the counter,” Dad said.

“I get pizza and Grandma?  This is the best day ever,” Martin said.

The grownups chuckled and gave more hugs and finally left.  “What do you want to do first?” Grandma asked.

“Eat pizza,” Martin said.

“Of course,” Grandma said.  “It wouldn’t be as good if it got cold.”  So they ate pizza.  It was the best kind, with sauce and cheese and nothing else, just like pizza should be.  And Grandma didn’t care if Martin didn’t eat the crusts.  Grandma was always nice like that.

“Grandma, look,” Martin said.  “It’s my new favorite book. I got it yesterday.”

“That is new.  It must be really good if it’s your favorite already,” Grandma said.

“Uh huh,” Martin said.  “Look at the pictures.”  He pointed to the robot on the cover with the glowing eyes.

“What is your favorite part?” Grandma asked.

“I don’t know.  I haven’t read it yet,” Martin said.

“So why is it your favorite?” Grandma asked.

“It’s about dinosaurs and robots.  And maybe robot dinosaurs.  I hope so.  Isn’t it great?”

“It is,” Grandma said.  “Would you like me to read you a chapter?”

“Today just keeps getting better and better,” Martin said.  “Is it my birthday?”

“Nope,” Grandma said.  “Just a good day.  Maybe your socks are lucky.”

“I don’t think so,” Martin said.  “They don’t match.  If they were lucky, they’d have been a match when I took them out of the drawer, right?”

“I don’t know,” Grandma said.  “Would you still like me to read to you?  We could play a game or watch a movie instead if you’d like.”

“Let’s read,” Martin said.  “I’ve decided I don’t like movies.  Did you know that movies aren’t like real life?  They’re just pretend.”

“That’s true,” Grandma said.

“Yeah,” Martin said.  He folded his arms and frowned.  “No one ever hits me in the face with a cream pie.  It isn’t fair.”

Grandma smiled.  “Then let’s read this story about maybe robot dinosaurs.”

“Yeah, cause dinosaurs and robots are real,” Martin said.  “Let’s sit on the couch so I can see all the pictures.”

“That’s a great idea,” Grandma said.  She sat down and patted the seat next to her.

Martin sat down and snuggled in next to his Grandma.  “Today is the best day ever,” he said.