Fairy Tale Lost and Found

“Oh dear,” Mother Hubbard said. “Has someone lost something else?”

“I’m afraid so,” Robin said. He opened the door a little wider. A flock of sheep flooded the little office.

“Sheep?” Mother Hubbard asked. “Wherever did you find them?”

“They were just wandering around,” Robin said. “Do you think you could watch them until their owner comes for them?”

“Of course.” Mother Hubbard looked around at all the sheep. A few were starting to nibble on the drapes. “Maybe they should stay outside in the yard. I’ll just bring my dog in so that he doesn’t bother them.”

“I brought your poor dog a bone,” Robin said, pulling a large soup bone out of his pocket.

“You are so kind,” Mother Hubbard said. “I’m so grateful you found me this job. I don’t know what I would have done.”

“We needed a lost and found,” Robin said. “You are doing a great service to our community.   You’ve been very busy, haven’t you?”

“Well, those kittens were so happy to see their mittens,” Mother Hubbard said. “And I really don’t know how those pigs managed to lose the hair off their chinny-chin-chins. Or how they reattached it.”

“Those bears and the little blonde girl seemed so happy to see their porridge again,” Robin said. “I do wonder how they lost it.”

One of the sheep bit the edge of Robin’s coat and started chewing. Mother Hubbard shooed the sheep away with her apron. “I’d better go bring Spot in so the sheep can go out.”

“I’ll start to herd them back outside,” Robin said.

Once the sheep were all outside in the fenced yard, Spot curled up on the armchair and chewed on his soup bone. “He’s such a good dog,” Robin said.

Mother Hubbard smiled. Just then, someone knocked on the door. Mother Hubbard answered it, and a girl wearing a red hooded cloak stepped inside. “Is this the lost and found?” she asked.

“It is,” Mother Hubbard said. “Did you lose something or find something?”

”I lost my basket of treats,” the girl said.   “I’m on my way to Grandma’s house.”

“Were they in small basket?” Mother Hubbard asked.

“Yes, and the cookies were chocolate chip and pickle, Grandma’s favorite.”

Robin made a face. “Really?”

The girl scowled. “Really.”

“Here they are dear,” Mother Hubbard said. “Have a lovely visit with your Grandma.”

“Thank you,” the girl said. She took the basket and smiled at Mother Hubbard. She scowled at Robin again and left.

“I’d better go, too,” Robin said.

“I made you some cookies,” Mother Hubbard said. “Chocolate chip and no pickles.”

“My favorite,” Robin said. “Thank you, dear lady.”

Mother Hubbard laughed. “Robin Hood, you are such a charmer.”

As Robin left, a girl with a staff came in. “Is this the lost and found?” she asked. “My name is Bo Peep and I’ve lost my sheep.”

Robin whistled as he walked down the street. Perhaps he’d bring the cookies to the lady in the shoe. The kids would love them. He turned down a side street. Something shiny caught his eye.

A bugle sat next to a snoring haystack. “Hmmm. I’d better take that horn to the lost and found. To keep it safe, of course,” Robin said.