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Charlie’s Room: Musical Chair

It was a crisp fall morning. Isaac stood at the open door and breathed in the cool air. It smelled like damp earth and fallen leaves. High overhead, the sky was a brilliant blue, hidden only by a few fluffy white clouds.

Marianne and Charlie had already disappeared around the corner in their search for the prettiest leaves. Isaac stepped outside and closed the door behind him. He hadn’t been invited on today’s leaf hunt, but perhaps he could go out on a walk of his own. It was too nice out to stay inside all day.

He considered following Marianne and Charlie, but he didn’t want to intrude on their mother and son time. He knew how much he valued his time reading Charlie bedtime stories at night. He was growing up so quickly. Time seemed to go by faster and faster lately. Wasn’t it still summer last week?

Isaac turned the opposite corner, the cool fall day now feeling a little bittersweet. But, the trees were bright red and yellow and brown and orange. He soon slowed his pace and marveled at the variety of colors.

He rounded another corner and stopped. A yard sale? This late in the year? How unusual. The sign directed him down the driveway towards the garage. Read More