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Charlie’s Room: The Shoehorn

Isaac took the chocolate pudding out of the refrigerator, whisked it, and divided it into three bowls. He carried them to the table, one at a time. First Marianne’s, then Charlie’s, and then he sat down with his own bowl.

“It looks wonderful,” Marianne said.

Isaac sighed. “I forgot to get whipped cream. Chocolate pudding is always better with whipped cream.”

Charlie already had a chocolate beard and mustache. How did that happen so quickly? He grinned. “It’s good. I wish we could have pudding every night.”

Marianne laughed. “If we had pudding every night, you’d get sick of it.”

Charlie frowned. “No I wouldn’t.” He sat up and set his spoon down. “Dad? Can I use your special spoon to eat my pudding? I’ve always wanted to try it.”

“What special spoon?” Isaac looked at Marianne. She shook her head and shrugged.

“The one on your dresser. The shiny metal one.” Charlie sighed. “I’ll go get it and show you.” Read More