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Charlie’s Room: The Vase

Isaac was walking to his car after work and passed the antique shop once again. Even though he told himself not to, he glanced in the window. There was a lawn gnome on display, surrounded by a wreath of artificial flowers. Isaac smiled in relief. He didn’t need a lawn gnome, so he wasn’t even tempted to stop inside.

He stopped abruptly when his foot hit something and looked down. There was a box marked “free” in front of the antique shop. Inside, there was a lovely white vase with blue stripes. Marianne’s roses would look lovely in it, and she’d been talking about needing another vase just last week.

He hesitated. His purchases at the antique shop were sometimes trouble. But Marianne needed a vase, and here one sat. It almost seemed meant to be. Isaac rescued the vase from the box and took it with him to his car. Read More