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Sir Cinders

Ethan was born into a noble family with a lot of money and plenty of time on their hands. His older brother was all grown up and married and moved away before Ethan started school, and his parents weren’t very interested in returning to child-raising. They’d found ways to fill their time that didn’t include a noisy child. So, Ethan spent a lot of time at home alone, reading.

Unfortunately, Ethan’s mother passed away in a boating accident one day while he was away at school. Almost immediately, the widow who lived nearby began to invite Ethan’s father to come and hunt in the woods on her land.

Ethan’s father loved hunting. Ethan could see the writing on the wall. The widow would become his stepmother, and her two terrible sons that were Ethan’s age would be his new stepbrothers.

Fortunately, this didn’t happen. Unfortunately, this was because Ethan’s father died in a hunting accident not long after his mother’s death. And he died without leaving a will. Read More